Our magazine

For the present St. Leonard’s Magazine has gone digital.

To request your complimentary copy simply email christine@nutton.org.uk 


The parish magazine is normally published monthly on the last Sunday of the preceding month. It is a full-colour publication featuring a combination of church-related and parish news.

There are regular contributions from correspondents covering the soccer and cricket teams, gardening, Sandridge Silver Threads and the Women’s Institute. The lives of the churchwarden emeritus' cows are followed with close interest in Sandridge and beyond!

 Also included are the performances at the Sandpit Theatre and the minutes of Sandridge Parish Council meetings.


The magazine is supported by local advertisers and has a circulation of around 250-300 inside and outside the Parish. It costs £1, with an annual subscription at the reduced rate of £7. It can be delivered at no extra cost to people who live in the Parish and posted or emailed as a pdf to those living further afield. The magazine is also on sale in the church and at the Village Stores.


The editors are very grateful for the support of all the contributors and the large team who ensure prompt delivery throughout the parish.