A warm welcome from Sandridge bellringers

If you live in the parish you will have heard us ringing for services on Sunday mornings or practising on Wednesday evenings. We hope this page will arouse your curiosity. Please feel free to visit us and perhaps try your hand at our ancient art.

If you are a ringer we look forward to meeting you. Sandridge has a ring of six bells in B flat with a tenor of 6-0-18.

Have you rung in the past and are considering starting again? Please come and say hello.

Wednesday is practice night, from 7.30 to 9pm. We ring every Sunday between 9.20 and 9.55am

Would you like to learn to ring Church bells?

Retirement moves, university and advancing years are taking their toll in Sandridge belfry. Over recent years we have lost  some of our regular ringers, and we are keen to find recruits to learn. We are still managing to ring for morning services, even if at times with only five ringers instead of the six needed for all the bells, but we need to reverse the trend and increase the size of the group again.

We are looking for reasonably able-bodied volunteers to learn, aged up to 70 (or even older). It’s a good way to keep fit and mentally agile, meet new people, and help St Leonard's Church.

You can learn bellringing for a Duke of Edinburgh Award, or simply to gain a fascinating and useful skill – ringers are usually hospitable, and once you’ve mastered the basics, you will find a welcome anywhere around the world where there are bells.

If you would like to learn, or know someone who might be interested in coming along to find out more on a Wednesday night, please email us.