The Churchyards

The Churchyards of St Leonard’s

St Leonard’s is quite unusual in that we have two churchyards – the original one around the church and an extension accessed from House Lane or St Leonard’s playing field, which was opened in the 1950’s. Both are covered by the Churchyard Regulations which can be found in the church porch or at the link.

The old churchyard is closed for burials and maintained by the Parish Council. Three footpaths go through it and everyone is welcome to sit a while on one of our seats or picnic benches. The Garden of Rest between the church and Lych Gate is where we bury the ashes of those who have died. For this to happen usually the deceased needed to be either a resident of the parish or have died here, although the Vicar and PCC also do permit burial of ashes in certain other circumstances too.

The House Lane Churchyard is the resting place of many people’s family and friends. It is still open for burials, again for those from the parish. Often families re-open an existing grave to bury a family member or add ashes in. The church maintains this churchyard with the help of grants, donations and voluntary assistance. There are notices to remind families that most items are not permitted on graves, which remain the church’s responsibility. If you have any questions, or would like help or advice with maintaining a grave, please do contact us directly.

The church aims with both churchyards to balance maintenance and a certain level of tidiness with encouraging the growth of natural plants so as to make the spaces beneficial to wildlife. Churchyard form a unique habitat and this makes both churchyards beautiful places to visit.

Links: Churchyard Regulations  (pdf document).


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